Top Things to Do in Torngat Mountains National Park

Top Things to Do in Torngat Mountains National Park

Photo Credit: Newfoundland & Labrador

Located between northern Quebec and Labrador Sea, and an “Inuit gift to the people of Canada” wilderness awaits you at Torngat Mountains National Park, where you will sail and hike through picturesque remote areas that will simply take your breath away. You will explore the Torngat Mountains which are a geological masterpiece in their own right. Or you will hike through the George Plateau where the effects of glaciation have left behind a dramatic yet fascinating landscape.
Here is a glimpse of what is in store for you within the park and in the surrounding areas:

1. Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station

This will be your “nerve center” during your stay at the park. You will find various facilities here including a full-serve kitchen and dining area. Many of the excursions that you will make will start here.

2. Silluak (North Arm)

Take a seat on an exposed rock and enjoy traditionally seared Arctic char as you listen to spell-binding stories told by the Inuit. Hike through an archeologically rich “trail” before finally swimming in the cool waters of a pristine mountain lake.

3. The Old Village in Ramah

Discover the little village where Inuit and European cultures converge. Warm your self with a nice cup of tea as you gaze at the rushing waters of a sensational waterfall.

4. Kitjigattalik, Ramah Chert Quarries (National Historic Site)

Before you leave Ramah, take some time to indulge in some “mining”. The mineral of interest is Ramah chert, a translucent ice-like stone that has been mined for more than 5000 years. See how it was used to create ceremonial and everyday items.

5. Multi-Day Backcountry Adventure

Let an Inuit guide take you on a tour of their homeland. You can choose any path that you like and you will find yourself hiking through valleys, archeological sites and towering mountains.