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The Torngats Unveils New Branding and Tourism Website

The Management and Staff of The Torngats invite you to discover your next great adventure. They have rebranded and launched their new website, just in time for the beginning of the tourist season.

“We wanted our online presence to reflect the shocking beauty and life-altering experience of The Torngats,” said Captain Peter Adams, Executive Lead. “We now have a new vibrant brand and enhanced website to help travelers explore, plan their trip, and share their experiences.”

The new site is a dynamic online resource, meant to entice visitors to embark on this spectacular experience. It’s highly visual and is the closest you can get without actually being there.

It provides visitors a chance to explore – to imagine the remoteness, the Inuit culture, the unique geology, diverse vegetation and Arctic wildlife of the region. It incorporates reviews from travelers, descriptions of excursions and galleries of exquisite photography so that guests can navigate, plan and book their journey.

“This is the ultimate adventure seeker’s destination. Travelers and scientists from around the globe travel 200 kilometers north of Labrador’s most northerly community each summer to come together with Inuit elders, youth from Nunatsiavut and Nunavik, and Parks Canada Staff to explore this unique and special landscape and experience the rhythm of a traditional Inuit way of life,” adds Adams.

The new logo is a graphic exploration of the specific natural wonders and features of The Torngats. The colours, blue and green fading to gold, are illustrative of the mountain hue and northern lights, respectively, while the background graphic highlights the beauty of the valleys, fjords and mountains of the Torngats. The polar bear emblem is a highly recognizable and powerful symbol of the Arctic and is one of many magnificent attractions at The Torngats.

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Base Camp History and Management
Established in 2006, Torngat Mountains Base Camp Project was created to facilitate ease of access and enjoyment for visitors, while maintaining a cost-effective, authentic and reliable system for researchers engaged in scientific and archaeological work. The first Base Camp was located on Shuldham Island. In 2007, it was relocated to its more efficient, current location in St. John’s Harbour, just outside the park boundary on Labrador Inuit Lands.

Since 2009, the operational management of Base Camp has been the responsibility of the Nunatsiavut Group of Companies (NGC), the business branch of the Nunatsiavut Government, reporting to the Labrador Inuit Capital Strategy Trust. For further information, please visit