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Below you will find a list of recommended items to pack which you can also download and print Here.

Getting Here by Road

From the province of Quebec, first drive to Labrador City in Western Labrador. Then take the Trans-Labrador Highway (Route 500) for approximately 525 km (315 miles) to Happy Valley-Goose Bay Airport.


If driving from the Island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador, take the Strait of Belle Isle Ferry. The ferry is a drive-on, drive-off service, and the crossing takes about 90 minutes. Next, drive to Happy Valley-Goose Bay along the Trans-Labrador Highway (Route 510). Driving distance from the ferry terminal to Happy Valley-Goose Bay Airport is about 620 km (370 mi). Please note that this route is paved for the first 80 km (50 miles), and is a gravel highway until just outside of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Driving time will vary depending on road conditions.